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Unique Corporate Promotional Products Done Right

Farfromboring Promotions is the premier source of unique and captivating promotional products. Whether you need gifts for trade shows, corporate giveaways, holidays, or something in between, Farfromboring is committed to the best services and products for our clients. Our product selection includes apparel, writing instruments, eco-friendly items, and products that promote health and wellness. It’s never been easier to find the perfect gifts for your promotions.

Our expert account representatives are committed to your satisfaction and are prepared to help you find the promotional bags, gift items, and products you need. Our compelling corporate gifts meet high quality standards and are designed to work for every budget. Farfromboring makes promoting your business affordable, efficient, and fun! We work with end-clients and advertising and marketing firms alike to craft successful marketing campaigns for brands. Small businesses, major corporations, and multi-national fortune 500 companies have trusted us for their promotional product needs.

What do your promotional products say about your brand? It’s time for a more fun approach to business.
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Letter from the CEO

What do clients and potential clients think of when they hear your company’s name? Is it a clean, professional look or a youthful image? In today’s age of digital media, businesses must find a way to cut through the clutter to reach their target audience and make a meaningful connection. Farfromboring Promotions in Boca Raton, Florida is committed to helping your company (no matter where you are) find meaningful promotional products that serve as useable tools for consumers while communicating a powerful brand message. Our goal is to help your business grow!

Need help placing an order or finding the perfect corporate gift for your project? Our dedicated staff is highly trained and committed to your needs. With years of experience in marketing, advertising, and promotions, we ensure the greatest services for our clients in Florida and beyond. Though we work with businesses of every size, we specialize in working directly with major advertising, marketing, and PR firms. This high-level experience allows us to serve small businesses and major corporations alike.

When surveyed about meaningful promotional gifts they’ve received, 76.2 percent of consumers were able to recall a minimum of three pieces of key information about the business. The market has spoken: promotional products have incredible staying power for marketers. At Farfromboring Promotions, we focus on creating promotional gifts that recipients want to receive, want to use, and want to learn more about the business behind them.

Farbo Our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee ensures utmost confidence that your order will exceed your needs with the highest quality gifts at the most competitive prices nationwide.

We’re focused on helping your business grow. We realize businesses can “just place an order” for items they need, but at Farfromboring Promotions, we want to rise above and beyond your expectations to grow your business’s bottom line. We’re focused on establishing a meaningful relationship with each client, ensuring every order is accurate and delivered on time. We’re committed to learning about your end-client and understanding the types of products that resonate with your target audience. Since success is in the details, Farfromboring is here to help your business every step of the way. We offer the best promotional products in Boca Raton, FL. From creative considerations to practical ordering decisions, our service is designed to enhance your business.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts, awards, drink ware, calendars, or office accessories, Farfromboring Promotions has the selection and resources you need to find the most practical and effective promotional gifts for your target audience. Feel free to browse our site and see the popular solutions today. Have a question? Call us toll free at 1-866-751-7766. Our promotional products professionals look forward to discussing your marketing campaign’s goals and unique needs.

With Farfromboring Promotions, your company can rest assured that its promotional products will cut through the marketing clutter of today’s digital age. Our newest promotional products stand out from the crowd due to their compelling design, practical applications, and unique value. Fast, easy, competitively priced, and on-time, Farfromboring Promotions will make your company a promotional products superhero!

You have the right to remain Farfromboring!

Robert Stillman CEO

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